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Here the hot (and compassionate) shall rule the Earth. If you've ever thought vegetarianism was uncool or somehow not awesome, think again. Here's your dose of inspiration, and proof that you're not alone in your choice to cut animal products from your diet. So join up with the Hot Vegan Army and help us take over the world! (just kidding...a little...)


Know him from: This major music icon has created songs such as: Little Red Corvette, Kiss, I Wanna Be Your Lover, 1999, When Doves Cry, Let's Go Crazy, Purple Rain (song, album, and Academy Award-winning movie!), I Feel for You,Cinnamon Girl, etc etc and won 7 Grammy awards

Why he's vegan: Largely because of animal rights, but possibly also because of his Seventh-day Adventist upbringing, because Adventists are frequently - though not always - vegetarian. Prince has reportedly been vegetarian since about 1987. In 1997, Prince described he and his wife Mayte as "complete vegans," noting that they were so for both spiritual and health reasons. 
It seems that His Royal Purpleness does not wear leather or wool either. In 1999, he actually published notes on the cruelty of wool production in the liner notes of album Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic. 

Why he's awesome: Prince is a talented and iconic musician, and he's a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer. More importantly, there is no one else in the world that is quite like him. Wouldn't we all want that said about us? He also knew that he wanted to be a musician from a young age, and composed his first song at the age of 7. Besides being a legendary sex symbol, he is one smart guy, and no one puts him in a corner. Remember when he changed his name to a symbol back in the day? 
It wasn't really an artistic ploy, but rather a brilliant move that got him out of a contract with Warner Brothers, who had trademarked the name "Prince." Prince recorded under the "Love Symbol" for 7 years until his contract with Warner Brothers was up. In this way, he maintained greater creative and monetary control over his art.,21778.html

Kristen Bell

Know her from: Most would say that Kristen had her breakout role in the teen detective series Veronica Mars in 2004. After that, she tackled the powerful role of a superhero in the NBC series Heroes. She later played the title role in the raunchy comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall, set in Hawaii, in 2008. 

You may also know her from her varied roles in Couple's Retreat, When in Rome, You AgainScream 4, and from her return to her musical theater roots in Burlesque, alongside Christina Aguilera and Cher. Her notably beautiful skin has also landed her a number of commercial and print ads for Neutrogena. Some may also know K-Bell from her behind-the-scenes work as the voice of the narrator in Gossip Girl.

Why she's vegan: Kristen has been a vegetarian since age 11 (due to her love of animals - and vegetables), but she and fiancé Dax Shepard both decided to go vegan together after seeing the documentary Forks over Knives. Bell has also worked with the ASPCA and various animal protection organizations. She has several rescue dogs at home. Many people may also be familiar with Kristen Bell's intense love and obsession with sloths, and her subsequent (happy) meltdown when she learned that her fiancé had procured a sloth for her 31st birthday party.

Why she's awesome: Firstly, it is hard to miss KB's obvious beauty and physical fitness. But in addition to being gorgeous, having a phenomenal sense of humor, and some serious confidence, talent, and guts, she also seems to be a really nice person. She has been an active advocate of Invisible Children Inc. since her days on Veronica Mars.

Anthony Kiedis

Know him from: California-based band Red Hot Chili Peppers, formed in 1983, and still performing today. Anthony Kiedis' characteristic voice and lyrics have helped to create such memorable hits as Aeroplane, Dani California,Californication, Give It Away, The Zephyr Song, and Under the Bridge.

Why he's vegan: Kiedis has been a vegetarian since the 1980s, but he went vegan in 2008, just after his son was born. Among his reasons for going vegan were the global crisis of overfishing, and the fact that a doctor actually recommended a healthy vegan diet for his son. Shortly after going vegan, Kiedis reportedly saw behind the scenes videos of factory farming, which "sealed the deal" for him.

Why he's awesome: I don't know if it's the luxurious rock star hair, the badass tattoos, the voice, the often sensitive and revealing lyrics, the whole California vibe, or the love for animals, but Anthony Kiedis has just got that certain something. He's also managed to survive the limelight all these years, while doing what he "was put on this earth to do," creating and performing music with his friends; music that is notably enjoyed throughout the world.
Petra Nemcova

Know her from: This Czech beauty has graced MANY magazines over the course of her career, including the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition 2002-2006. She is an international model who has been part of ad campaigns for a slew of big name companies including (but most certainly not limited to) Victoria's Secret, Max Factor, Benetton, Pantene, Bulgari Sunglasses, Clarins, HP Intel, Cartier, and Rampage. She also competed in 2011's 12th season of Dancing with the Stars. Perhaps the most notable reason that you may have heard her name though is because she survived, against terrible odds, the devastating tsunami in Thailand back in 2004, which was caused by the Indian Ocean Earthquake.

Why she's vegan: Petra became a vegan in 2007, largely to make a public statement against global overfishing.

Why she's awesome: It's hard to figure out where to begin on this topic, because Petra is quite an amazing human being for many reasons. I would be remiss, however, if I did not mention the story of her survival in the 2004 tsunami in Thailand. During the unexpected and horribly destructive flooding, Petra's fiancé, photographer Simon Atlee, was swept out to sea, and Petra's pelvis was broken in 4 places. She survived this ordeal by clinging to a palm tree that was partially above the rushing water for an estimated 8 hours. She had an extraordinary will to live, and she is a survivor in the truest sense of the word.

Petra is not only amazing for having survived this terrible tragedy, but for the hope and help she has given others through the Happy Hearts Fund, which she created in 2005. This organization was created and underwritten in such a way that 100% of all donations would be provided to helping children in the recovery efforts after the Indian Ocean tsunami. This organization has been expanded to help other disaster relief efforts since then as well. The HHF helped victims of Hurricane Katrina, and the earthquake in Peru in 2007. The organization was also active in Haiti years before the horrible earthquake of 2010, and continues to help in the wake of that disaster. HHF is also working to help Japan recover from its own terrible earthquake and tsunami in 2011.

Petra is a global activist and humanitarian, and a very bright and intelligent woman. She speaks 6 languages, and was appointed Honorary Consul from the Czech Republic to Haiti in late 2011.
Andre 3000

Know him from: Andre 3000 (or Andre Benjamin as some call him) is perhaps best known for the flamboyant and attention-getting outfits he performed in as part of wacky hip-hop duo Outkast. Andre released a clothing line back in 2008 named "Benjamin Bixby," and he's also shown up in a recent Gillette razor commercial, dubbed one of the "Masters of Style."

Why he's veg(etari)an: Andre declared himself a vegan back in 1996. One would tend to suspect he was inspired by his former relationship with singer Erykah Badu, a long-time promoter of veganism. However, it's been said that Andre does eat honey once in a while, which most vegans consider a no-no due largely to issues of large-scale honey farming. However, Andre was famously quoted as saying that he would probably eat broccoli as his last meal on the planet earth.

Why he's awesome: To put it simply, Andre 3000 is an original. Hip hop duo Outkast won 6 Grammy Awards together, and produced such memorable hits as "Ms. Jackson," "Hey Ya," and "B.O.B. (Bombs over Baghdad)," as well as an interesting and odd musical film called Idlewild. It is set mainly in a prohibition-era speakeasy/night club, and features some anachronistic bluesy-hip hop music that was just perfect to showcase Outkast's mold-breaking song stylings. Andre has more recently collaborated with other musicians such as Ke$ha, Lil Wayne, Beyonce, Ciara, John Legend, and Gorillaz. Back in 2004, he was declared by PETA to be the Sexiest Vegetarian Alive, along with Alicia Silverstone.

So overall, I guess what I am trying to point out here is that creative types can just as easily be fueled by plants as they can by meat and dairy. Andre is definitely known for surprising people, and making standout, original performances on the stage, runway, or big screen.

Please note: I have found several sources that state that Andre 3000 still wears leather occasionally. Both vegans and vegetarians generally take issue with this, especially if they have chosen a meat-free diet for animal welfare reasons. One could potentially say that they follow a vegan "diet" rather than a vegan "lifestyle," but generally speaking, if you wear leather, you are not a vegan. And, as far as I'm concerned, it was a lot easier to give up leather belts for the rest of my life than to give up cheese at first. So Mr. 3000, if this is true, please don't wear leather or other animal products, you have a bountiful army of hotties just ready to welcome you with open arms as soon as you ditch the leather.

Lea Michele

Know her from: Television's smash hit musical show Glee, as well as the movie New Year's Eve, and many MANY magazine covers and photo shoots.

Why she's vegan: Lea is a strong advocate of animal rights, and she considers the choice to switch to a vegan diet to be just another step in line with her love of animals. However, Lea credits the clean-eating effects of veganism with increasing her energy and endurance levels during long days of shooting and dance rehearsals on Glee.

Why she's awesome: Neither Lea nor her Glee character Rachel Berry are shrinking violets. Lea is sort of a wild child with her 14 tattoos and impulsive tendencies. And it seems she's always been a risk-taker. She spontaneously tried out for a Broadway musical when she was 8, without preparation, and handily won the role. She was on stage 2 weeks later. Pretty courageous for an 8-year-old. And she's kind of a bit of a sexpot, at least if one considers her risqué and oft-criticized GQ photoshoot (check it out here). But it's really no wonder people might find her alluring, with her trim physique and OMG-look-at-those-legs. 

But Lea is also outspoken about animal rights and veganism. She also refused to be pelted with meatballs during a scripted food fight on Glee due to her beliefs. The producers were on board, and insisted that anyone who threw meatballs at Lea would be kicked off set. Having the courage of your convictions and speaking up when things bother you is an impressive trait for anyone.
Rip Esselstyn

Know him from: His part in the ground-breaking documentary Forks over Knives (based on the concept of eating a healthy, disease-preventative diet, rather than undergoing surgery). He's also author of the best-selling book The Engine 2 Diet.

Why he's vegan: Health and performance reasons, just like fellow triathlete Brendan Brazier. However, Rip actually doesn't like to call himself or his diet "vegetarian" or "vegan." He prefers to refer to his food as "plant-based." The Engine 2 Diet is a whole-foods-based diet, meaning that processed foods have no natural place in it. Whole foods are like clean-burning fuel for the human engine as he sees it.

Why he's awesome: What quickly comes to mind for me in the "awesome," category, aside from the immediate fact that Rip's book could possibly save lives, is a certain scene that was included in the documentary Forks over Knives. In this scene, Rip - henceforth to be nicknamed "Ripped" - climbed up a fire pole chanting "Real men eat plants!" over and over. In the past, he was a professional triathlete, which he did while maintaining his plants-only diet. In fact, he didn't just compete, but he won the Capital of Texas Triathlon a whopping 8 times! Following his "retirement" from professional sports, this super physically-fit contender decided to train to become a fireman. Through it all, his plants-only diet has served him well for more than 20 years. At almost 50, this "Ripped" silver fox is a testament to the veggie-food-as-fuel hypothesis.
Alicia Silverstone

Know her from: This actress is perhaps best known for her convincing portrayal of iconic valley girl Cher Horowitz in the movie Clueless, and for her book on vegetarian cooking The Kind Diet. However, the star is also known for her performances on Broadway (e.g The Graduate) and on television, most recently in the show Suburgatory. It's also hard to forget her PETA ad above. (There's an accompanying video too here.)

Why she's vegan: For animal welfare and the environment, as well as personal health and wellbeing. She has always been a lover of animals, and the diet and lifestyle of veganism has brought this love full circle.

Why she's awesome: She approaches the concept of veganism and eco-friendly living as a journey, more than as an all-or-nothing affair. Alicia encourages people considering vegetarianism or veganism not to beat themselves up emotionally for "slip-ups," which can be counterproductive and unnecessary. (On this matter, I completely agree with her, and discussed the subject here.

On her website - which she appears to maintain herself - she highlights eco-friendly companies and cruelty-free practices at every turn, while at the same time pointing to personal health as important and paramount.

Tobey Maguire

Know him from: Movies such as the Spiderman trilogy, Pleasantville,SeabiscuitCider House Rules, and the upcoming movie The Great Gatsby

Why he's vegan: Animal rights and health. He also grew up with somewhat of a natural aversion to meat, which only increased when he learned that it came from a living thing. He became vegetarian in 1992, and transitioned to veganism in 2009. 

Why he's awesome: Not only is Maguire really attractive (he's got that nice guy who is also buff kind of vibe), but he is principled too. So strong are his vegetarian beliefs that he recently refused a free Mercedes offered to him while filming The Great Gatsby in Australia, because the car had leather seats. Whether you agree with him or not, he sticks to his guns. Additionally, while prepping for his roles in the Spiderman trilogy, he trained hard and increased his intake of tofu and nuts to get the buff physique he attained in the picture above. You certainly can get muscle tone without meat, and Maguire proves it.

Maggie Q

Know her from: Tv's Nikita, movies like Rush Hour II and Around the World in 80 Days (both starring Jackie Chan), Live Free or Die Hard, and Mission Impossible III, as well as hosts of magazine covers

Why she's vegan: Animal rights primarily, but also for health and global concerns. She served as a producer in the film Earthlings in 2007, a film which has been nicknamed the "vegan-maker" due to it's unblinking and graphic look at the lives (and deaths) of animals on factory farms

Why she's awesome: Maggie Q is a multi-talented model, actress, activist, martial-artist, and stuntwoman. She has helped to bring awareness to matters of animal rights and human health around the world, teaming up with PETA, the Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine, Best Friend's Animal Society, and Animals Asia Foundation, bringing her global fame to bear (and to bears) for good.
Isaiah Mustafa

Know him from: He's the Old Spice Guy! ("I'm on a horse!") He's also been seen on the tv show Chuck, and has been cast in the upcoming film Madea's Big Happy Family. He had a role in the film Horrible Bosses as well. He's also a former football player. You can believe it, right?

Why he's vegan: Mainly for health and fitness reasons. The famed creator of the P90x workout series got him into the diet. And it looks like the results are worth it!

Why he's awesomeEven though he has described his diet as difficult (in addition to being vegan, he is gluten-free and avoids caffeine, processed sugar, and alcohol), he proves that one can still be vital, strong, and a quintessential example of macho-ness, all while eating a healthy plant-based diet. H

e also took his shirt off on the Ellen show to raise money for The Gentle Barn, so he's a friend to animals too. It's ok, you can sigh wistfully now :-)

Pamela Anderson

Know her from: T.V. shows like Home ImprovementBaywatchV.I.P.,Stacked, and Dancing with the Stars; PETA ads and celebrity websites/magazines, Playboy magazine, ex-wife of Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee, various music videos; kind of just from being her...

Why she's vegan: Animal welfare primarily, but also for health. Pam has used her famous physique and star status for many pro-animal-welfare campaigns

Why she's awesome: Pam has been ad advocate of the vegetarian, and now vegan, lifestyle, for decades. She's been a spokeswoman for PETA since long before it was cool. From speaking out against the slaughter of horses, to the fervent request for pet owners to spay and neuter, Pam has been a force to be reckoned with in raising global awareness of animal issues. Pam has actually helped PETA change laws that hurt animals around the world, and she continues to do so.
Brendan Brazier

Know him from: Ironman Triathlons, speaking engagements; Also published author of Thrive (The Thrive Diet in Canada) and several related health and fitness books
Why he's vegan: Primarily for health/fitness; He believes that his vegan diet has been the key to his athletic success
Why he's awesome: He proves that vegans can be physically powerful and vital, without animal foods in their diets; Plus he's a nice guy, and clearly has a good mind for business
Olivia Wilde
Know her from: tv's House, and also blockbuster movies like Tron and Cowboys vs. Aliens
Personal website: Wilde Things (vegan recipes and anecdotes, as well as book recommendations and reviews).
Why she's vegan: Animal rights and health
Why she's awesome: beauty, brains, confidence, and definite compassion - not necessarily in that order

Bob Harper:

Know him from: tv's The Biggest Loser and a number of fitness books and dvds, and public appearances

Why he's vegan: Health and animal rights

Why he's awesome: strength, sense of humor, confidence, energy, and he emphasizes a healthy well-balanced lifestyle; and seriously, check out the ABS!!!!