Sunday, February 5, 2012

Touchdown! Vegan Bourbon Buffalo "Chicken Wings"

All I can say is that Jenn "Shaggy" Shagrin, author of the amazing book Veganize This! must be some kind of sorceress. I made her Bourbon Buffalo "Chicken Wings" with Vegan Bleu Cheese Aioli today in honor of the Super Bowl, being that wings are a pretty traditional game-time treat.

I usually get all excited about the Super Bowl every year, not because I'm a football fan (at all), but because I think "ooh, snacks!"

But you should definitely buy Ms. Shagrin's book on Amazon. It's got some seriously delicious recipes in it (I've only made a few so far and I've been a fan of every one, especially the faux seafood offerings), but also, it costs less than $8 on Amazon right now!!! Quick, buy immediately!!!

Seriously, just look how delicious these "wings" look! I must admit that they were a little chewier in texture than the "real" thing, but they're made from seitan, so they're not going to be exactly the same. And they're plenty satisfying as they are. Plus, no chickens were harmed in the making of these delicious snacks, which is way more important!

I'd be proud to bring these to any get-together, or to serve these to guests at my home. When I tasted the sauce I think I heard angels singing. The shallots, barbecue sauce, chili powder, and brown sugar blended together marvelously, and the cocoa powder and cinnamon in the mole sauce really put these flightless "wings" over the top.

I kind of "winged it" (pun intended) with the book's "bleu cheese" dipping sauce recipe, because I didn't have all of the ingredients, and I was antsy and hungry, so measuring was not to happen. But it, too, was a delicious taste sensation with veganaise, some vegan feta, vegan sour cream, garlic, and dill. I bet people wouldn't even know there was no real cheese or dairy in it!

So, in conclusion, shock your taste buds and your family vegan ninja style with some Bourbon Buffalo Mole "Chicken Wings," and feel free to substitute ingredients here and there rather than making another trip to the store. This is a very versatile recipe, and it's worth making these NOW, trust me.

Hope you have a snacktastic Super Bowl event!

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