Thursday, March 15, 2012

March of the Hot Vegan Army - Day #15 - Jenna Dewan Tatum

Jenna Dewan Tatum

Know her from: You may recognize her from her breakout role in the dance hit Step Up, and another dance-centered movie called Take the Lead. She was also cast for The Playboy Club series on NBC which was set to air last Fall, but enjoyed only a short run. However, this talented dancer has previously worked with a number of big name music acts, most notably Janet Jackson, 'N Sync, Ricky Martin, Toni Braxton, P. Diddy, Missy Eliot, and Celine Dion. She has also appeared in music videos alongside Janet Jackson and Christina Aguilera. She's married to Channing Tatum, star of 21 Jump Street, whom she met on the set of Step Up, in which the couple played the 2 leading roles.

Why she's vegan: Jenna has been a vegetarian about as far back as grade school. She recalls sending in an application to join PETA at a young age because she didn't want to eat anything that had a "mom," and she agreed with PETA's mission to help animals everywhere. After learning about some of the cruelty that takes place on dairy farms, she became a full-fledged vegan about 2 years ago, spurred on by an article in the Huffington Post. She says that the dietary change has done wonders for her skin and her energy level.

Why she's awesome: Ms. Dewan-Tatum is an exceedingly talented woman who exudes confidence (watch her in this Step Up medley from about minute 4:10; her now husband joins her around minute 5). She is clearly very comfortable with her body - although who wouldn't be given the evidence (go ahead and stare, no one's watching)...She is kind and clearly cares about animals, even if they are not "cute and fluffy," like the exotic snakes on whose behalf she poses above. She is another athletic and high voltage person who shows us all that you can live very healthily on plants alone. In fact, it seems she must be a pretty good cook too, because she sent a vegan recipe in to the Ellen show. I think it's been passed around the web a bit, but here it goes again! (Vegan Spinach and Quinoa Enchiladas).

Ms. JDT seems to be of a similar mind to myself in terms of PETA's famously sexy ads on behalf of vegetarianism. Use whatever tools you've got (and Jenna sure has 'em) to stand up - or lay down on a large fallen log - for what you believe in. If even one person starts to think more about living a cruelty-free lifestyle because of ads like these, they've done their part. I know that judging someone based on their physical attributes might seem superficial, but, again, the point I am trying to drive home here is that vegan ≠ hobbit. You can look like a million bucks on a plant-based diet, so don't let that myth stop you from looking into it. If you are thinking about trying a vegan or vegetarian diet, please read up on it to make sure your nutritional needs are taken care of, but the sky's the limit, and you'll be in some good company.

So Ms. Dewan Tatum, since you know so much about camouflage, I think you'll have to be in charge of painting up all of the other hot vegans in the Hot Vegan Army so we can have the element of surprise - as well as the lesser-known element of *wolf-whistle*.

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