Saturday, March 3, 2012

March of the Hot Vegan Army - Day #2 - Isaiah Mustafa

Isaiah Mustafa

Know him from: He's the Old Spice Guy! ("I'm on a horse!") He's also been seen on the tv show Chuck, and has been cast in the upcoming film Madea's Big Happy Family. He had a role in the film Horrible Bosses as well, which was really funny, so you should check it out. He's also a former football player. You can believe it, right?

Why he's vegan: Mainly for health and fitness reasons. The famed creator of the P90x workout series got him into the diet. And it looks like the results are worth it!

Why he's awesome: Even though he has described his diet as difficult (in addition to being vegan, he is gluten-free and avoids caffeine, processed sugar, and alcohol), he proves that one can still be vital, strong, and a quintessential example of macho-ness, all while eating a plant-based diet. He also has a hilarious sense of humor, easy smile, and abs of steel. Even more enticingly, he took his shirt off on the Ellen show to raise money for The Gentle Barn, which rehabilitates animals who have suffered neglect, abuse, or have been in line for slaughter. He thus demonstrates, like Pamela Anderson has done for years, that hotness can be used for good.

If you've ever been in an argument with someone that vegan men all end up being 98 lb weaklings, show them this picture, and tell them that your man can eat (and smell) like this guy if he wants to.

Mr. Mustafa, keep marching.

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