Saturday, March 17, 2012

March of the Hot Vegan Army - Day #17 - Carrie-Anne Moss

Carrie-Anne Moss

Know her from: Global hit movies such as The Matrix trilogy, cult suspense-thriller Memento, and the beautiful and satisfying Chocolat. She also appeared recently in several episodes of Chuck, the geek-turned spy comedy (of which I am a fan) on NBC. She also worked as a model and soap star in her 20s. I'm excited to tell you she was also on an episode of Baywatch back in the mid-90s (check her -and her sizable hair - out catching the eye of the 'Hoff here!)

Why she's vegan: She initially became interested in becoming a vegetarian during the shooting of Chocolat in France. She used to walk past pastures filled with cows in the small rural French community all the time, and spend a good amount of time near those pastures in between shooting days. She began not only to like the the cows on a friendly, familiar level, but to notice their personalities, which reminded her of her pet dogs. She became disenchanted with eating steak, now making the connection of where it comes from. Carrie-Anne also has an affinity for raw foods, and is a fan of raw foodie and author Ani Phyo. This might help explain why the beautiful 44-year-old Moss has such beautiful and glowing skin, whether she wears make-up or not. Many sources of health and nutrition information out there today tell us that incorporating organic, raw fruits and vegetables into one's diet will tend to do wonders for one's inner health and outer appearance. Moss is known to frequent organic farmer's markets these days, and I, for one, am convinced to join her given the results.

Why she's awesome: She's pretty much pulls off the role of a strong, smart, badass woman in everything I've seen her in, which definitely encourages more of those sorts of roles to be written for women in general. Despite her often feisty on-screen persona though, she seems to be rather refreshingly shy and retiring in her personal life. I tend to think that, when possible, keeping one's private life somewhat private encourages healthy personal relationships. This certainly seems to be true for Ms. Moss, because Carrie-Anne is a happily-married mother of 3 these days. Due to her roles in the Matrix movies, however, she still can't wear sunglasses in public without someone recognizing her. She has managed to break the curse of the major hit blockbuster though, as she appears still be working steadily, years after the global phenomenon of the Matrix has calmed down. This statuesque beauty is also from Canada, and I basically love that entire country. So she gets a few more points for that too. And for the fact that she bravely moved off to Europe at the age of 20 to pursue modeling and acting. Following one's dreams can often be an intimidating thing to do, and I admire her for her follow-through in that regard.

So Ms. Moss, what with all of the fight-training you went through during the filming of the Matrix series, I think you should be responsible for physically training the rest of the Hot Vegan Army...and for making us raw green smoothies.

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