Sunday, March 4, 2012

March of the Hot Vegan Army - Day #4 - Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire

Know him from: Movies such as the Spiderman trilogy, Pleasantville, Seabiscuit, Cider House Rules, and the upcoming movie The Great Gatsby

Why he's vegan: Animal rights and health. He also grew up with somewhat of a natural aversion to meat, which only increased when he learned that it came from a living thing. He became vegetarian in 1992, and transitioned to veganism in 2009. In the past, he has worked with the Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) to encourage public schools to offer vegetarian options in light of the obesity statistics of children in the U.S. (via PETA). Now that he is a father, these options became increasingly important to him.

Why he's awesome: Not only is Maguire really attractive (he's got that nice guy who is also buff kind of vibe), but he is principled too. So strong are his vegetarian beliefs that he recently refused a free Mercedes offered to him while filming The Great Gatsby in Australia, because the car had leather seats. Whether you agree with him or not, he sticks to his guns. Additionally, while prepping for his roles in the Spiderman trilogy, he trained hard and increased his intake of tofu and nuts to get the buff physique he attained in the picture above. You certainly can get muscle tone without meat, and Maguire proves it. He reportedly did all his own stunts in the Spiderman movies.

So welcome, Tobey Maguire, to the ranks of the Hot Vegan Army.

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