Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March of the Hot Vegan Army - Day #7 - Lea Michele

Lea Michele

Know her from: Television's smash hit musical show Glee, as well as the movie New Year's Eve, and many MANY magazine covers and photo shoots.

Why she's vegan: Lea is a strong advocate of animal rights. She has spoken out against fur farms and the mistreatment of horses in the tourist carriage business, and she considers the choice to switch to a vegan diet to be just another step in line with her love of animals. However, Lea credits the clean-eating effects of veganism with increasing her energy and endurance levels during long days of shooting and dance rehearsals on Glee.

Why she's awesome: Neither Lea nor her Glee character Rachel Berry are shrinking violets. In fact, I get the impression Lea actually kind of tones herself down for television. For instance, Lea is sort of a wild child with her 14 tattoos and impulsive tendencies. Her imdb bio actually states that she tried out for a Broadway musical spontaneously when she was 8, handily winning the role and showing up on stage 2 weeks later. Pretty courageous for an 8-year-old. And she's kind of a bit of a sexpot, at least if one considers her risqué and oft-criticized GQ photoshoot (check it out here). But it's really no wonder people might find her alluring, with her trim physique and OMG-look-at-those-legs. It's also no surprise that FHM put her well within the top 10 of their 100 Sexiest Women in the World back in 2010.

But Lea is also outspoken about animal rights and veganism. She noted in a recent issue of Allure magazine that she doesn't just "eat grass," and that her half-Italian upbringing means that she could "eat some b*tches under the table." She also refused to be pelted with meatballs during a scripted food fight on Glee due to her beliefs. The producers were on board though luckily, and insisted that anyone who threw meatballs at Lea would be kicked off set. It's no wonder that PETA honored her at their 30th Anniversary Gala and awards ceremony.

In the Hot Vegan Army, one often needs the courage of one's convictions to make it through battles both big and small. So Lea, I'd be proud to march with you any day. Especially if you help us plan the choreography (or hairography if need be). Welcome to the Hot Vegan Army.

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